good at thinking

Am I good at thinking of nothing, or bad at thinking of something?

I’m going to use this question as a response to the ever-common: “what are you thinking?”

I usually don’t have a good answer.

best domain name ever

I registered which is AWESOME. Currently it redirects to here, but I plan to use it for my new project. Oh, puns.

By constrast, was listed for $3300.

A new framework for a new idea

I had quite the vacation from real-life. For six weeks in Feburary and March I was working from Harrisburg, PA for my day job. It was quite interesting to get cozy in an extended-stay hotel for such a long time. At least I was there with two awesome co-workers!

As for my new idea, I’m working in Django (first time!) on an MVP. More details to follow shortly, but my first impression is complete LOVE for the framework, and model system in particular. It’s such a breath of fresh air when compared to something more enterprisey.

200 uniques in 10 hours!

My most recent stats blog post over at my other blog project has pulled in 200 unique IPs (sort of like visitors, except spiders tend to count as about 5) in 10 hours!

I’m excited, because my grand total is actually sitting at just under 700 total.

The little bash script I’m counting with is:
cat ./access.log | cut –delimiter=” ” –fields=1 | sort | uniq | wc –line

…I found it online (that is, I don’t really understand how it works). Actually, I’m happy enough that I’m beginning to grok navigating the VPS via SSH.

Completely unrelated, but I’m using the Java program MidpSSH to connect via my Blackberry with success (the only gripe I have is that fitting 80 characters on the BB screen means SUPER TINY FONT).

Remote Control, here I come

I got a great present that has reignited my interest in little flying helicopters. About this time last year I first saw the Mikrocopter, which looks AMAZING. After flying my tiny helicoptor around inside a bit, I decided to go ahead and try out one of the more recent community projects, controlled by the KKmicrocontroller.

I ordered the electronics for the board, and all of the flight gear. I’ll have an update when I start getting boxes!

Getting traffic is hard!

My Dating Emails (.com!) blog is up, and I made my first infographic. It was supposed to be a smash success, and draw thousands of hits!

That didn’t happen. I’ve had very little success getting the concept (online dating stats) to spread. Still, I’ll have to come up with an infographic version 2.0 before I’m convinced the idea is a flop.

Until next time,

Taking Back My Name — Update

It’s been just over 3 months since I launched this blog, and for awhile search results were trending upwards: slowly.

Since I launched the project blog for My Dating Emails, this blog has jumped up quite a bit! From my browser, I’m on page two at google, page 4 at bing.

As a result, it’s definitely time to upload some great stuff. Here’s an idea: porting my senior CS graphics project to WebGL? It would require a bit of effort because I might have to rewrite parts of the vertex and fragment shaders; at the time I was utilizing features from the bleeding edge nVidia drivers.

Stay tuned.

My Dating Emails

So I’ve started to implement idea #2 from my last post. I bought the domain for this purpose.

Check it out now — there is already some content posted!

Next ideas

I’ve been editing this as time goes on… Here is a list of ideas I’d like to pursue eventually, but feel free to get a jump-start on me:

  1. Stereo vision application running from a mobile device with a single camera. Use the acelerometer to find the correspondence between images, then take user input to cut computational power required for some unique real-time user benefits. First — a range finder as a proof of concept. Finding the z-depth is a fairly straiightforward technique for stereo vision applications.
  2. Completed.I want to post my messages from an online dating site with statistics for consumption by the internet population. There are some gems lying in my soon-to-be full inbox, and before deletion I’d like to archive them somewhere. Putting them in public, with a bit of analysis, might lead to some useful tips for other aspiring wooers.
  3. I would like to port my senior CS OpenGL project into WebGL. It’s a 3d paint application. It could be neat, though I doubt it could be profitable.
  4. Writing an Ebook – apparently the barrier to entry on major stores like Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, etc. is super low.
  5. A network-able lightswitch or outlet. Complete plug-in replacement of whatever is already installed. The companion to this is a phone application that can show you a view of consumption and let you control what’s happening there. Obvious drawback is the hardware design could be tricky. And what technology is cheap enough to put in every outlet?

Linux Administration

This is my first real website. In high school, I set up an old PC to run Windows 2000, and used it mostly as a proxy to access all the neat game sites in my daily computer classes. Of course I had a terrible personal page too, which I’m sure nobody saw.

I’ve got a domain name now. I set up a minimally-sized VPS (Virtual Private Server) through Linode. All these tools are brand-new to me, and luckily they have great configuration guides spanning anything you might want to run on your server. WordPress is pretty neat, and I think I’m well on the way to Taking Back My Name.

The Apache access log is a bit scary; some random computer tried to get access to any admin pages I may have left open. Security is tough, I followed the configuration guides. It seems like nothing bad has happened yet, and since that script was deferred, I’m relatively convinced others will meet the same fate.