Birthday dinner! Woo

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Kirby meeting the pacific ocean

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Finally able to sign back up for fiber optic internet after not having it since I moved out of the apartment into my house over 2 years ago. 1Gbps this time.

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First github pull request to ZoneMinder today

First github pull request to a popular project today – 3 characters deleted 😀 Maybe I should make this a regular thing for 2015.

Orion Soars on First Flight Test

NASA Orion capsule test flight pulled off perfectly this morning. And fantastic live streaming throughout the entire thing. First step to Mars taken, new high-tech systems to move public space exploration into the 21st century. Can we decide to allocate more money to science yet?

The Hour of Code is coming

This is a really cool initiative. Please share with kids / schools. I was so fortunate to attend one of the few high schools that offered AP Computer Science (which has since been removed from the curriculum). The next generation needs this even more.

Tennessee bbq imminent…

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Wow… another spaceship explosion… virgin galactic. 1 death 1 injury. Horrible news

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Orbital Science ISS – Antares Rocket explodes

Wow, Orbital Science’s ISS 3rd resupply rocket exploded after liftoff this evening. Probably a good thing it has happened after all of SpaceX’s success or else it may have put a damper on NASA’s private-sector approach? No one injured… | Dashboard

Coolest site ever, we need this for the US government too –
Beautiful dashboard, and even real-time server performance metrics.