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Everyone’s doing Halo 4 campaign first? Well… okay. When are we gonna rumble online?

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No line to vote! And there were a plenty of unused garbage cans, too… Benefits of a small precinct?

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Additional values for HTML rel tags

Apparently there are some new rel tags I’ve seen flying around the internet. rel=me. rel=author.

I’ve noticed that a lot of the trust-worthy “social” sites starting using the rel=me tag instead of the disappointing rel=nofollow.

So I’ve made sure to update my homepage, and update a lot of incoming links too. Hopefully the shift away from every link having nofollow will benefit legitimate blogs and websites representing real people who don’t blogspam daily. At least I can dream. Rankings for my name in search engines have fallen pretty drastically recently. I’ll make a followup to this if I see a noticeable boost.

This blog is RSS-enabled

I’m automatically importing all posts from Facebook now. Hopefully this will make my blog more active, especially to search engines.

Maybe I’ll stay on top of this now.


That’s all.

Email Me

I finally decided to set up a mailserver for all of my domain-sponsored projects. This is really so I can send out a newsletter via mailchimp with a reply-to matching the domain name. Lame, but it only took 3 hours to pop my IMAP cherry.

And as always, I feel like the wizards who spent months/years programming this stuff are invincible.

Anyway, mail me: admin@ [this domain]

Snowflake Hypnosis Domain Name – Download Hypnotherapy MP3s

After a week of effort — both ups and downs, I’m pleased to announce the official Snowflake Hypnosis domain name. You’ll find that the Shopify site now lives at http://www.snowflakehypnosis.com! Hypnotherapy sessions are available for purchase and download now!

Stay tuned for more product and news announcements.

Snowflakes Hypnosis – First go with Shopify

I created a place on Shopify: Snowflake Hypnosis. I’ve been meaning to set up an online store for my mom’s hypnosis business for a long time, and with $100 free adwords dollars I got in the mail a few months ago, and a kick in the butt from The Four Hour Workweek, I decided to set it up and open a second stream of income.

We’ll see how quickly I burn through that money, and if it’s cost-effective to use Adwords going forward. I might just turn the shop over to her if it is too much effort to keep sales up, and she can advertise primarily by word-of-mouth.

23andme and new data-driven approaches to geneology

I’ve had my 23andme profile for a few weeks now, and it has taken me some time to gain familiarity with the system. For the first week or two, I was all about the magic-show style traits results it finds for you, and my apparent lactose intolerance was news even to me. Having no major genetic anomalies that concern my health, I’m finding that much of the value of the site lies in its genealogy and relative-matching tools.

I’ve received several unsolicited mails with people who have complete family trees AND match portions of my DNA. Hopefully given enough very interested people and a bit of digging, it should be fairly trivial to use this as input into my own family’s tree, and even turn around and help others out in the same way.

Now to convince my parents to sign up… it should make this process even easier!

The Singularity

I just finished reading Accelerando by Charlie Stross.

It’s an in-depth look down the rabbit hole of the Singularity and is structured in a way that left me questioning not the possibility, but the dynamics of its inevitability. Similar to how zombie flicks leave people warehousing ammo for the apocalypse, I’m running through mental checklists.

  • Would I want to assimilate my consciousness?
  • What is consciousness?
  • What social hierarchies would arise when non-humans are “conscious”?
  • Is there a way to fully integrate?
  • Is commerce one of these ways?
  • Is commerce the only way?
  • This is the journey my thoughts went on, and aside from the (very good) nerd-tech-overload and new words, I’m left with the wish to spawn worker threads to web search for me…