The Singularity

I just finished reading Accelerando by Charlie Stross.

It’s an in-depth look down the rabbit hole of the Singularity and is structured in a way that left me questioning not the possibility, but the dynamics of its inevitability. Similar to how zombie flicks leave people warehousing ammo for the apocalypse, I’m running through mental checklists.

  • Would I want to assimilate my consciousness?
  • What is consciousness?
  • What social hierarchies would arise when non-humans are “conscious”?
  • Is there a way to fully integrate?
  • Is commerce one of these ways?
  • Is commerce the only way?
  • This is the journey my thoughts went on, and aside from the (very good) nerd-tech-overload and new words, I’m left with the wish to spawn worker threads to web search for me…

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