Wow… another spaceship explosion… virgin galactic. 1 death 1 injury. Horrible news

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Orbital Science ISS – Antares Rocket explodes

Wow, Orbital Science’s ISS 3rd resupply rocket exploded after liftoff this evening. Probably a good thing it has happened after all of SpaceX’s success or else it may have put a damper on NASA’s private-sector approach? No one injured… | Dashboard

Coolest site ever, we need this for the US government too –
Beautiful dashboard, and even real-time server performance metrics.

Burgling! Currently burgling! Stretching, slowly slithering! Jenny’s accidental poem about Kirbyville stealing food.

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Marathoning the new weird al videos on YouTube. So many!

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ISEE3 Reboot Project (ISEE3Reboot) on Twitter

“Open-sourced” abandoned (since 1997) satellite… they’re trying to put it back into Earth orbit.

At Akshay and Alexandra ‘s wedding. Congratulations!

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Thanks to Alexandru Lazar for showing me the best of #sf in a day. Did so much in a short time.

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Hawaii Video Compilation

Wosrt surfing compilation of all time… IN HIGH DEFINITION!!!

Cliff Dive

Taking the plunge from the south cliffs on Hawaii’s southern-most island… basically jumping off the bottom of the USA. The stuff at the end was the camera falling, I dropped it (and obviously recovered it). It was supposedly water-proof to 31 feet (but wasn’t).