Next ideas

I’ve been editing this as time goes on… Here is a list of ideas I’d like to pursue eventually, but feel free to get a jump-start on me:

  1. Stereo vision application running from a mobile device with a single camera. Use the acelerometer to find the correspondence between images, then take user input to cut computational power required for some unique real-time user benefits. First — a range finder as a proof of concept. Finding the z-depth is a fairly straiightforward technique for stereo vision applications.
  2. Completed.I want to post my messages from an online dating site with statistics for consumption by the internet population. There are some gems lying in my soon-to-be full inbox, and before deletion I’d like to archive them somewhere. Putting them in public, with a bit of analysis, might lead to some useful tips for other aspiring wooers.
  3. I would like to port my senior CS OpenGL project into WebGL. It’s a 3d paint application. It could be neat, though I doubt it could be profitable.
  4. Writing an Ebook – apparently the barrier to entry on major stores like Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, etc. is super low.
  5. A network-able lightswitch or outlet. Complete plug-in replacement of whatever is already installed. The companion to this is a phone application that can show you a view of consumption and let you control what’s happening there. Obvious drawback is the hardware design could be tricky. And what technology is cheap enough to put in every outlet?

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