Linux Administration

This is my first real website. In high school, I set up an old PC to run Windows 2000, and used it mostly as a proxy to access all the neat game sites in my daily computer classes. Of course I had a terrible personal page too, which I’m sure nobody saw.

I’ve got a domain name now. I set up a minimally-sized VPS (Virtual Private Server) through Linode. All these tools are brand-new to me, and luckily they have great configuration guides spanning anything you might want to run on your server. WordPress is pretty neat, and I think I’m well on the way to Taking Back My Name.

The Apache access log is a bit scary; some random computer tried to get access to any admin pages I may have left open. Security is tough, I followed the configuration guides. It seems like nothing bad has happened yet, and since that script was deferred, I’m relatively convinced others will meet the same fate.

2 Responses to “Linux Administration”

  1. natez0r says:

    actually sir, some people did see that personal page. personally I find it tragic that the welcome image of that page isn’t up here.

    • stephen says:

      Hey Nate! I’m really surprised you found this! Not through Google, I imagine, because my ranking isn’t really being helped so much by an inactive blog… but it’s effort to post!!

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