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Taking Back My Name — Update

Slowly gaining ground for my name’s query in google.

My Dating Emails

So I’ve started to implement idea #2 from my last post. I bought the domain www.mydatingemails.com for this purpose. Check it out now — there is already some content posted!

Next ideas

I’ve been editing this as time goes on… Here is a list of ideas I’d like to pursue eventually, but feel free to get a jump-start on me: Stereo vision application running from a mobile device with a single camera. Use the acelerometer to find the correspondence between images, then take user input to cut […]

Linux Administration

This is my first real website. In high school, I set up an old PC to run Windows 2000, and used it mostly as a proxy to access all the neat game sites in my daily computer classes. Of course I had a terrible personal page too, which I’m sure nobody saw. I’ve got a […]

Halo: Reach on Legendary

One thing I’ve always loved about the challenge of the legendary difficulty is how much of a badass it makes you feel. Jump! Scramble! Headshot! Grenade out! Bash enemies in the head right before you reload, and then do it all over again. Halo: Reach has changed this dynamic a lot, as I now think […]

Taking back my name

There are a lot of people named Stephen Arthur. This is my attempt to reclaim a decent ranking in the Google search results.