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Snowflake Hypnosis Domain Name – Download Hypnotherapy MP3s

After a week of effort — both ups and downs, I’m pleased to announce the official Snowflake Hypnosis domain name. You’ll find that the Shopify site now lives at http://www.snowflakehypnosis.com! Hypnotherapy sessions are available for purchase and download now! Stay tuned for more product and news announcements.

Snowflakes Hypnosis – First go with Shopify

Shopify store for hypnosis

23andme and new data-driven approaches to geneology

I’ve had my 23andme profile for a few weeks now, and it has taken me some time to gain familiarity with the system. For the first week or two, I was all about the magic-show style traits results it finds for you, and my apparent lactose intolerance was news even to me. Having no major […]

The Singularity

The Singularity, and the novel Accelerando by Charlie Stross

good at thinking

Am I good at thinking of nothing, or bad at thinking of something? I’m going to use this question as a response to the ever-common: “what are you thinking?” I usually don’t have a good answer.

best domain name ever

I registered bangdoubt.com which is AWESOME. Currently it redirects to here, but I plan to use it for my new project. Oh, puns. By constrast, bangedout.com was listed for $3300.

A new framework for a new idea

I’m falling for Django.

200 uniques in 10 hours!

My most recent stats blog post over at my other blog project has pulled in 200 unique IPs (sort of like visitors, except spiders tend to count as about 5) in 10 hours! I’m excited, because my grand total is actually sitting at just under 700 total. The little bash script I’m counting with is: […]

Remote Control, here I come

Helicopters are fun.

Getting traffic is hard!

My Dating Emails (.com!) blog is up, and I made my first infographic. It was supposed to be a smash success, and draw thousands of hits! That didn’t happen. I’ve had very little success getting the concept (online dating stats) to spread. Still, I’ll have to come up with an infographic version 2.0 before I’m […]