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Thanks to Alexandru Lazar for showing me the best of #sf in a day. Did so much in a short time.

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Hawaii Video Compilation

Wosrt surfing compilation of all time… IN HIGH DEFINITION!!! http://ift.tt/1gCjmXP http://ift.tt/1gCjmXP

Cliff Dive

Taking the plunge from the south cliffs on Hawaii’s southern-most island… basically jumping off the bottom of the USA. The stuff at the end was the camera falling, I dropped it (and obviously recovered it). It was supposedly water-proof to 31 feet (but wasn’t). http://ift.tt/1nUFdJA

Interesting analysis of hip-hop vocabulary http://ift.tt/1hpdHyy

HomeRemote V1.0 – Android and iPhone Apps Launched!

Over the last few months, I’ve gotten several requests to launch an iPhone version of the HomeRemote app which will connect to your existing Arduino server for controlling outlets and speakers. If you implemented this project already, you can just grab the new app(s) for a complete graphical redesign and more powerful settings. Google Play […]

Arduino Home Automation Docs Updated

I’ve made a major revision to the documentation for HomeRemote Home Automation over at Bitbucket, with changes for the Speaker Zone control and Outlet control sections. There have been no functional changes to the web server code. I hope that the documentation changes (including diagrams) make it much easier for new users to get started […]

Hackable Wireless Outlets in Home Depot

Saw these in the store yesterday near all the Christmas lights & extension cords… The exact same outlets as I used in my Android controlled outlets project, which I was never really able to find a match on Amazon. Android/Arduino Controlled Outlets Parts: 315 MHz Outlets (above) Arduino with Ethernet/Wifi Shield 315 MHZ transmitter Code! […]

Performance Tools Overview

Performance Monitoring Tools: Uptime monitoring Uptime Robot – http://uptimerobot.com/ Uptime Robot monitors your websites every 5 minutes and alerts you if your sites are down. Business / Website monitoring Google Analytics – http://www.google.com/analytics/ Provides search engine information (keyword usage, click-through rate, etc.), details about your visitors, their browser, and their flow through your website, tracks […]

Kirby found a friend on his walk today!

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Finally got out the beard trimmer after a few months…

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