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xkcd: Math

http://xkcd.com/1131/ lol http://xkcd.com/1131/

Everyone’s doing Halo 4 campaign first? Well… okay. When are we gonna rumble online?

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No line to vote! And there were a plenty of unused garbage cans, too… Benefits of a small precinct?

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Additional values for HTML rel tags

Apparently there are some new rel tags I’ve seen flying around the internet. rel=me. rel=author. I’ve noticed that a lot of the trust-worthy “social” sites starting using the rel=me tag instead of the disappointing rel=nofollow. So I’ve made sure to update my homepage, and update a lot of incoming links too. Hopefully the shift away […]

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Email Me

I finally decided to set up a mailserver for all of my domain-sponsored projects. This is really so I can send out a newsletter via mailchimp with a reply-to matching the domain name. Lame, but it only took 3 hours to pop my IMAP cherry. And as always, I feel like the wizards who spent […]

Snowflake Hypnosis Domain Name – Download Hypnotherapy MP3s

After a week of effort — both ups and downs, I’m pleased to announce the official Snowflake Hypnosis domain name. You’ll find that the Shopify site now lives at http://www.snowflakehypnosis.com! Hypnotherapy sessions are available for purchase and download now! Stay tuned for more product and news announcements.

Snowflakes Hypnosis – First go with Shopify

Shopify store for hypnosis

23andme and new data-driven approaches to geneology

I’ve had my 23andme profile for a few weeks now, and it has taken me some time to gain familiarity with the system. For the first week or two, I was all about the magic-show style traits results it finds for you, and my apparent lactose intolerance was news even to me. Having no major […]

The Singularity

The Singularity, and the novel Accelerando by Charlie Stross