About Stephen Arthur

I’m Stephen Arthur. I live and work in Cincinnati, Ohio. I’m a performance engineer, software developer, hacker, thinker, tinkerer. I love checking out new technology — and know when to use the old — and thrive working across the entire stack to solve (usually performance) problems.


I built and currently maintain a large home automation project from scratch, there is information about it on this blog. It controls LED lights and speaker zones in my house.


Speaking of my house, I enjoy home remodeling and DIY — and have personally done a lot of renovation work.


I like to participate in Hackathon-style programming challenges to try out new languages and keep my algorithms skills sharp.


I also work on cool stuff that stays offline, but I’m slowly uploading the code and screenshots to Bitbucket.


I use BitBucket for sharing my own code:
BitBucket Profile
and keep a Github profile too for community contributions:
Github Profile


You can find me on LinkedIn here.

My resume can be found here.