About Stephen Arthur

Stephen Arthur

I’m Stephen Arthur. I live and work in Cincinnati, Ohio. I’m a developer, programmer, hacker, thinker, tinkerer. My current job title is “Consultant”. I love checking out new technology — and know when to use the old — and really thrive working across the entire stack.

I started the 33Snowflakes website to act as a platform for all the projects I’ve made and plan to make. I keep a few things under development at the same time, like this website. I tend to favor open-source when possible… I share my own code online, and love Github (including Gist) and Bitbucket in order to check out and use the things others share. Sometimes I update this post with ideas.

I like to participate in CodeSprint-type hackathon events, though they’re usually online rather than in-person. Cincinnati is a fairly tame town for coding events.

Here is a project I launched awhile ago, which cataloged and organized data from my online dating profile:
. It was successful, if you’re wondering.

I also work on cool stuff that stays offline, but I’m slowly uploading the code and screenshots to Bitbucket.

I use BitBucket for sharing code:
BitBucket Profile
but keep a Github profile too:
Github Profile

You can add me on LinkedIn here.

On Google+

I’m buying and renovating a house in town, which means that my love of projects of any type is taking a more physical form as of late. Check out my work and inspiration at Pinterest.

My resume is on this website too. HERE!